What is Yield Farm?

With our yield farm, you will be able to get more benefit from your Alaska.Because the $LAS token is not exploitable, we may adopt a dual token mechanism and use an alternative token (Alaskan Malamute $LASM) to make profits.

Every profit obtained in the income yield farm will be used to buy back the LAS token and burn it.

🚜 How to use Yield Farm?

  1. Open the website: https://alaskatoken.finance/

2. Click “Connect” Connect to wallet Metamask or TrustWallet

3. Click the Farms or Staking to enter, take the LASM-BNB Cake-LP token as an example (the operation steps of other Cake-LP tokens are the same as those of LASM-BNB Cake-LP)

4. Select Stake, and the page will jump to Pancakeswap LASM-BNB Liquidity


5.If you don’t have LASM-BNB Cake-LP tokens, you need to provide LASM/BNB to Pancakeswap LASM-BNB Liquidity pool

Select BNB and LASM token -> Click Approve ->Click Supply to add liquidity

6. Now you can add liquidity to LASM-BNB, add LASM-BNB liquidity according to the current ratio, after confirming, you will get LASM-BNB Cake-LP token

7. If you don’t have LASM, choose swap and switch to the Pancakeswap BNB-LASM transaction page to buy LASM

8. Now that you have LASM, you can add liquidity to LASM-BNB

9. Go back to steps 4 and 5 to add liquidity to get LASM-BNB Cake-LP token

10. Return to the Farms page, select LASM-BNB, and click Approve Contract

11. There will be a short waiting time for the approve contract, please wait patiently

12. Click +, deposit LASM-BNB Cake-LP tokens, select the quantity and click Deposit

13. After completing the above steps, you have become a qualified farmer


Buy On PancakeSwap:


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Alaska Inu is a 100% decentralized community experiment. You can get free $LAS for every transaction

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Alaska Inu

Alaska Inu

Alaska Inu is a 100% decentralized community experiment. You can get free $LAS for every transaction

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